Direct-to-Consumer Services


Cohesive Brand Collateral

Collection Development & Manufacturing

Direct-to-Consumer e-Commerce

Franchise L.A. is a boutique apparel agency.

We build direct-to-consumer brands for top athletes, artists, celebrities, and influencers.

We design, manufacture and distribute the highest quality athleisure apparel direct to the mailbox of your customers, which makes us the sought-after platform for selling merchandise online.

Our strategic Apparel & Graphic Design process begins by working closely with our clients to understand their team, goals budget, timeline, and objectives.

We research market trends, materials, and techniques to deliver a solution that meets our client’s objectives, within the constraints of budget and time frame. 

Our creative services include a wide variety of solutions to enhance and nurture your brand, including style guides, logo design, packaging design, and print assets. 

Our step-by-step, collaborative process produces a polished creative deliverable that encompasses everything about your brand.


Strategy & planning sessions

Creative Capsule collection development

Graphic & Apparel Design Tech Pack setup and development

Sample production and review

Our creative team combines research, current trends, and design to produce the most stylish and functional brand enhancement solutions.

Our product development team, along with our Hong Kong sourcing office, combine their decades of expertise, using the highest quality materials, to engineer the products our client’s request.

From conceptual sketches to final design, our experienced creative team takes a comprehensive approach to provide an all-inclusive enhancement package.  

We ensure consumers remember your brand, through digital and physical collateral, turning them into loyal customers with exceptional design and strategy.


Dynamic branded mock-ups and packaging

Cohesive Brand Collateral Tech Pack setup and development

Sample production and review

Our creative experts design dynamically branded mock-ups and packaging that will catch your customer’s eye, tell a story, and stand out from the competition.

Developing garments and manufacturing collections can be very time consuming, tedious, and extremely expensive.

Our Product Development services offer a complete solution to prepare your garments for full-scale production.

Understanding your overall per unit production costs will help you develop accurate wholesale and retail pricing strategies.

We offer cost engineering expertise to help you forecast and budget production costs.


Full lifecycle project management

Cost forecasting and production management

Wholesale/Retail pricing strategy

Sample production and review

Let us take care of all your production needs while you focus on being creative and growing your business.

We’ve made “Harnessing the Power” of your social media reach for profit, quite simple!

We partner with ambitious celebrities, artists, and athletes to help them simultaneously grow their e-commerce and brand equity through apparel.

Our goal is simple: Design, develop and manufacture capsules and collections that seamlessly address the complexity of e-commerce while at the same time create meaningful connections for our clients and their brands.


Speed to market with sustainably produced, high-quality apparel.

US based fulfillment centers

Global shipping to over 150 countries

Net 30 Payments with detailed accounting

Customized storefront

Data & Analytics

In-house Customer Support and Engineering Team

End Goal: Optimize both client and fan experience online through every step of the buying experience.